Why Do I Need To Get Custom Fitted?

We all know how important it is to be mentally strong in golf. Would it not be great to be able to stand over the ball and being able to trust your equipment?  At Foregolf we believe that we have the team and the experts to be able to recommend clubs that you can trust.

Who Needs Custom Fitting?

Anyone who plays golf should be fitted for their equipment.

From beginners to seasoned professionals it makes a huge difference. Correctly fitted equipment is the foundation for a solid game.

How Do I Find The Right ‘Fit’?

An experienced and well trained club fitter will be able to make an accurate assessment of your needs. An experienced fitter will consider your physical dimensions ‘static fit’ as well as assessing your technique ‘dynamic fit’. A hitting session is the only reliable way to confirm the results of the Custom Fitting.

Do My Current Clubs Fit?

Unless professionally fitted your current equipment could be partly responsible for the less desirable parts of your game. Some examples to check below:

Shafts too flexible
– Ball flight too high – Hooking ball flight – Inconsistency

Shafts too stiff
– Ball flight too low – Weak shots right – Poor distance

Clubs too long
– Fat shots – Inconsistent striking – Falling away at impact

Clubs too short
– Thinned low shots – Falling forwards at impact – Excess knee flex

Lie too flat
– Missing to the right – Over strong grip – Over use of hands

Lie too upright
– Ball flight left – Weak grip – Dislike ‘tight’ lies.