Who Is The Golf Coaching Suitable For?

We coach players of all standards, from complete novices to elite players. Coaching can start from any age. 

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

We have a full suite of equipment here to get you started, but if you’ve got your own clubs (no matter the age or standard) bring them with you.

Is There a Dress Code?

Foregolf doesn’t have a dress code on the driving range, practice areas or our par 3 course. Just wear comfortable clothes but make sure you wear flat soled sturdy shoes – trainers are perfect if you don’t own golf shoes.

Will I Need To Practice In Between Lessons?

With everything practice makes perfect. The more time you’re able to spend on the driving range and par 3 golf course the better! Not only is this fun for you but you can work on anything discussed in lessons so that you’re constantly progressing during each session.

Where Do The Golf Lessons Take Place?

The driving range is always a good place to start, your coach can monitor your general weaknesses before moving onto more specific improvements for chipping, pitching or bunker play. Once you’re ready we can also take lessons on the course for a real world golf experience.

What Do I Do On My First Visit For a Golf Lesson?

Try to get here early and book in at the shop. We recommend stretching properly and loosening up with a few practice swings, if you’re not confident completing this on your own your coach will walk you through this.